Cooling & Heating Intelligent Manufacturing Awards Ceremony 2020

Hua Guang received the “Core Intelligence” award at China Cooling & Heating Intelligent Manufacturing Awards Ceremony 2020.

Cooling & Heating Intelligent Manufacturing Award is a premier award for the HVAC industrial chains. Its annual awards ceremony has been hosted for 3 years consecutively. The purpose of this award is to give recognition to outstanding companies in the industry which have excellent marketing performance and innovation capabilities in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

The “Core Intelligence” award is given to upper stream companies in the industrial chain (compressor, parts, refrigerant, source materials etc.) which have played a key role in facilitating technical change in the industry through the development of green products and applications with energy efficiency.

Hua Guang is granted the “Core Intelligence” award specifically for

1. Its continuous innovation in brazing materials development,

2. Its capabilities to facilitate technical advancement in manufacturing equipment, and

3. Its impressive track record of getting prestigious prizes such as the “2nd prize of National Science & Technology Progress Award”, “Single Champion”, “1st prize of National Machinery Association Award” and so on.

Hua Guang will continue its technical development in order to bring intelligent, green and efficient welding solutions to customers.

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