Dongzhi, the Beginning of the Chinese Holiday Season

December 25th, 2018

For the Chinese, Dongzhi is a day like Advent in the West - it marks the beginning of the holiday season which leads to the Chinese New Year. In fact, there is a Chinese saying that goes "dongzhi da ru nian," which means that Dongzhi is as important as the Chinese New Year itself.

At Hua Guang, we have the tradition to celebrate Dongzhi together each year through a series of fun activities and parties.

Cooking Competition

Chinese usually eat dumplings on Dongzhi, but a meal that serves only dumplings will seem a bit plain for such a festive day. That's why at Hua Guang, we encouraged employees to cook their own dishes on Dongzhi and submit their dishes to the judges of the cooking competition, namely their fellow colleagues. Most people chose to cook a specialty of their hometown, as this was a good way to share their "home experience" with other colleagues. The head of the production department was known to be a generous guy, and he had cooked so many dishes that the plates could cover a whole large table.

"We are Family" Staff Residence Day

At Hua Guang, many employee choose to live in the staff residence we provide on campus. To them, the staff residence is their home in Hangzhou, and the other tenants at the residence are like their family. On Dongzhi, parties were held at the residence, and every employee was welcome.

Besides the parties, there was also a residence "award ceremony," which rewarded the people who kept their suites clean and tidy throughout the year. Ironically, the owners of the least well-kept suites were given an award too, the "diaosi ni xi" award which means roughly "underdogs will do better in the future" in English.

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