HG President Has Won Hangzhou Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

Hangzhou, October 23rd

The 4th World Hangzhou Entrepreneur Awards Ceremony was held in the city. 50 entrepreneurs of Hangzhou were awarded for their exceptional entrepreneurial accomplishments and for displaying fine qualities such as innovation, openness, intelligence and responsibility.

Hua Guang president and CEO Limei Jin was awarded “Outstanding Entrepreneur” for her contributions to the brazing industry and honourable reputation. In addition, Limei is highly recognized for her innovative spirit, integrity and responsibility.

The award ceremony is hosted by the city government. The purpose of the Hangzhou Entrepreneur Award is to create a collaboration platform for outstanding business people of the city, to channel their talent to the development of the city, and to enhance brand recognition of “Hangzhou Entrepreneurs”. 400 guests attended the awards ceremony in person at the main venue, and 20 online meeting rooms were open in real-time for international participants. Participants around the world were invited to “light up the digital world map”, a symbolic act that Hangzhou entrepreneurs would bring their contributions to the world stage with their entrepreneurial spirits.

The winning of this international award was viewed not only as a personal recognition for Limei Jin, but also an approval for the strength and wisdom of Hua Guang employees. Hua Guang will continue to make dedicated contributions as a world class company.

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