Hua Guang's Exhibition at WIN EUROASIA 2018

March 20th, 2018

Istanbul - Hua Guang attended WIN EUROASIA 2018, one of the most important industrial expos of Euro-Asia that took place in the Turkey capital in March.

WIN EUROASIA is a 25-year-old annual expo hosted by the German Hanover Exhibition team. Spanning 8 exhibition halls, this year's exhibition featured industrial leaders in the areas of production automation, welding equipment and equipment of Industrialization 4.0. It was also one of the largest expo of the welding industry in the Middle East.

The topic of Hua Guang's exhibition this year was "Green Manufacturing & Intelligent Connection". Some of Hua Guang's latest R&D progresses were shown to the public during the event, which attracted the interest of many companies in the industry.

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