The 15th Chongyang Together

October 20th, 2018

Chongyang, a Chinese traditional festival that takes place on September 9th of the lunar calendar, is said to be a time for hiking, as well as a reminder for people to honour the elderly.

On October 17th, 400 people of Hua Guang came together to the Yuhuang mountain - a team large enough to require 8 buses for transportation. This crowd was divided into smaller groups which competed against each other to see who could climb to the mountain top first.

Reaching the top was no easy task, as Yuhuang is a fairly high mountain. To win the award of the competition, slower members of certain groups were dragged by their faster counterparts. For some, being the fastest was not the goal. The challenge was to persist and to finish the whole journey. In this latter case, team members became each other's support.

As usual, a special group of people were reunited to the Hua Guang family this time of the year. They were the retired, former employees of the company. The emotional bond between the former employees and the company was strong and fresh.

This was the 15th Chongyang we spent together.

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