Brazing Rods


Hua Guang has one of the most extensive brazing rod product lines in the industry. The online list is a selection of our products. To enquire about a product that is not listed, please email us.

Select your classic silver-based brazing alloy from a range of silver content. High mechanical strength, fine plasticity, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance.


Silver content: 20-72%

Hua Guang Silver Brazing Rod

Copper-phosphorus products have good fluidity, low melting point and self-fluxing property.

Silver content: 0-15%

Hua Guang Copper-Phosphorus Brazing Rod

Brass brazing alloys are mainly used in fast-heating brazing processes such as flame brazing, high-frequency induction brazing and resistance brazing.

Brazing rods containing copper & zinc

Brass Brazing Rods

Aluminum brazing alloys have relatively low melting points, good wettability and joint filling performance, and sound anti-corrosion properties.

BAlSi-4 & more

Hua Guang Aluminum Flux-Cored Brazing Ri

Fixed flux to alloy ratio, reduce waste, enhance brazing efficiency.

BAg-5 BAg-7 BAg-20 & more

Hua Guang Flux-Cored Brazing Ring.jpg

Fixed flux to alloy ratio, reduce waste, enhance brazing efficiency.

BCuP-6 BAg-28 & more

Hua Guang Flux-Coated Brazing Rod

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