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Hua Guang Brazing Alloy

HG Has Won "Outstanding Single Champion"

What is "Outstanding Single Champion"?

Hua Guang Silver Vacuum Brazing Alloy

Vacuum Brazing Alloys and Their Requirements

What are vacuum brazing alloys? What are their applications?

Hua Guang Brazing Alloy

Fundamentals of Brazing Flux

Technical information for brazing flux selection.

Hua Guang Copper-Phosphorus Brazing Rod

Fundamentals and Applications of Copper Brazing Alloy

Find out about our popular copper-phosphorus brazing products.

Flux-Coated Brazing Rod

Flux-Coated Brazing Alloys and Their Requirements

Common types of flux-coated brazing alloys, their applications and requirements.

Hua Guang Brazing Paste.jpg

Advantages of Brazing Paste

Is brazing paste the right choice for your production lines?

Hua Guang Aluminum Flux-Cored Brazing Ri

Fundamentals and Applications of Aluminum Brazing Alloy

The brazing of aluminum parts.

Brass Flux-Cored Brazing Ring.png

Flux-Cored Brazing Alloys: Product Types and Applications

Common types of flux-cored brazing alloys and their applications.

Hua Guang Welding Brass Brazing Rods.jpg

Fundamentals of Brass Brazing Alloys

Copper brazing alloys with zinc as their main element.

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