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The R&D Centre of Hua Guang consists of a group of specialists who possess both industrial application experiences and innovation capabilities. It is recognised as a key enterprise research institution at the provincial level. As an innovation platform of the welding industry, we have formed expert advisory committees with fellows, professors and senior engineers of the respected field. It is our goal to deepen industry-university research cooperation, develop core technologies which are essential to the welding industry, and to lead innovations in the related industrial chains. 


The development guideline of our R&D Centre is  as follows,


  • To create a platform for innovations;

  • To attract technical elites in the welding industry;

  • To stimulate technical development in the industry.

Following these strategies, we have devoted more than 20 years’ research to adapt to the changing demands of the welding industry. Hua Guang R&D Centre solves core technical problems faced by the welding industry from two approaches, by developing green, innovative brazing materials and its associated forming technologies, and by upgrading the associated manufacturing equipment. More than 2,800 brazing materials have been developed by Hua Guang R&D Centre. At the same time, we have also made significant contributions to enhance the manufacturing process of brazing alloys.

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Hua Guang Employees

Standards Drafting

Hua Guang R&D Centre is the main drafting member of 4 national standards, which includes “Silver Brazing Alloy” and “Copper-Based Brazing Alloy”, as well as 7 industrial standards of the welding industry. Hua Guang is the No.1 brazing materials manufacturer in China ranked by number of patents and patent applications. 



A number of our notable honours include,


  • National Science & Technology Progress Award, Second Prize: one of the most prestigious scientific recognitions in China

  • Outstanding Single Champion: a national level recognition to companies with outstanding innovation and long-term dedication to their respected industries, awarded by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • Science & Technology Award of China Machinery Industry, First Prize

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