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Hua Guang has 2,800+ product specifications. Please check with us to see if we are already producing the product you want. If not, we are glad to create a new product to meet your needs.

Besides achieving the desired connection, additional properties need to be taken into consideration when designing a new brazing alloy, such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, sealing performance and corrosion resistance.

Our engineers are experienced in product development and applications, which enables us to design products based on customers' specific applications. Customised brazing products will spare the customers' trouble to make brazing process and parameter change during application.

Common metals used in brazing materials.

Non-metal elements like phosphorus (P) are sometimes added to adjust the properties of the alloy.


Welding Material Metal Elements.png

Shape & Dimensions

Forms of Welding Materials.png
Hua Guang Brazing Alloy

Composite Brazing Materials

Add a flux core / coating to enhance manufacture efficiency.

Hua Guang Flux-Cored Brazing Ring.jpg
Hua Guang Flux-Coated Brazing Rings.png
Hua Guang Flux-Coated Brazing Rings.png

Examples of rings, with varieties.

Choosing the right brazing product on your own can be difficult. 

Hua Guang can free you from the troubles with our expertise in welding. If you are unsure which is the right brazing alloy for you, HG engineers are here to help.

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