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China Refrigeration (CR) 2020

China Refrigeration (CR) 2020 was held at Chongqing Expo Centre in Chongqing, Sichuan during August 19-21. It was the 31st expo of CR, which hosted exhibitors from the refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, ventilation and chilled food processing industries.

The exhibition occupied 5 venues, and more than 500 exhibiting companies and institutions took part in this year's CR. Hua Guang sent a large exhibition team which included representatives from production, tech, sales and marketing departments. Products exhibited included copper and silver based brazing alloys, which are common products applied in the HVACR industries. In addition, Hua Guang also exhibited high-silver vacuum brazing alloys, which are used in vacuum brazing, and silver paste, which are applied in electrical industries.

Hua Guang is dedicated to providing total welding solutions and customised products which meet customers' manufacturing needs. Hua Guang Welding, Connect the Future.