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Family Day: A Company Party for the Whole Family

June 25th, 2018

Family Day, Hua Guang's annual party for employees and their family took place on June 23rd. Every family member, no matter they be an infant or a senior, was invited to join.

Many new faces were seen at this year's event. New employees who joined the company recently saw the party as an opportunity to introduce themselves to colleagues of a larger team. Several long-term employees, on the other hand, shared their personal history at the company to those in the audience. They too, were once recent graduates who nervously handed in their resumes to the company, the stories went, and after years of working at Hua Guang, they now owned homes in Hangzhou, and had settled their whole families here.

For music and dance lovers, this was a precious time to showcase their skills. A senior lady played hulusi, a traditional Chinese instrument, while a young man of the research institute played erhu. The energetic girls of the branding team were exited to show their dance moves to the crowds.

Without the individuals and the households, there can be no collectives. The annual family day is a reminder of the uniqueness and value of each member of the company.


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