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Physical Laboratory

The physical laboratory of Hua Guang is a provincial level key laboratory for innovative, green brazing materials. It works on inspections for multiple processes, such as R&D, production, quality control and application simulation.

For microfacies analysis

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results, Hua Guang has utilized cutting-edge equipment such as field emission scanning electron microscope (Apreo 2s Hivac) by Thermo Fisher Scientific, energy dispersive spectroscopy (AZtecLive UltimMAX 65) by Oxford Instrument, X-ray diffractometer (Quotation D8 ADVANCE) by Bruker, and optical microscope and stereo microscope (DM6M) by Leica for microfacies analysis.

For performance characterization

For performance characterization,the laboratory equipped with DSC404F3 differential scanning calorimeter by Netzsch, TGA/DSC 3+ synchronous thermal analyzer by Mettler,Vickers hardness tester by Qness, GNT100 electronic universal testing machine and ONH-3000 oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzer by NCS, etc.

For corrosion testing and evaluation

In terms of corrosion testing and evaluation, the lab units have also possessed the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, salt spray testing machine, electrochemical workstation and more.

The advanced test facilities in the laboratory ensured the best level of analytical works on accurate and real-time reports, which guarantee the quality of products of Hua Guang Company, and effectively improve R&D achievement on both of new brazing materials and welding techniques to meet the solution specified by customers.


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