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Get premium service by becoming HG's long-term customer.

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On-site service by HG engineers.

We do not out-source technical services. Instead, we believe our long-term customers need to be taken care of by the most professional people in the industry. We send in-house engineers from the HG R&D department to your plant to assess your brazing conditions and provide customised solutions.

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Award-Winning Green Technology

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Get eco-friendly product & service. 

HG's research related to "elimination of welding materials' negative environmental impact and improvement of welding efficiency" has won the second prize of National Science & Technology Progress Award (a prestigious scientific award in China) in 2017.

We have invested over 6 million RMB in environmental protection equipment in the recent years to ensure that our own manufacture process is eco-friendly. And we will help you achieve eco-friendliness, too, by designing a brazing process that minimises the harmful environmental impacts and supplying compatible green brazing products.

Hua Guang R&D

Cost-efficiency is not only

about unit cost. Start saving

by minimising material waste.

Solutions which help you save for the long-term, not only on a single purchase.

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Brazing is a complex and technically sensitive process. Pre-brazing treatment, brazing operation and post-brazing treatment will all have an impact on brazing performance. Flaws in the overall brazing process may reduce manufacture efficiency, lower product yield or even cause irreversible damage to the weldments. Our application engineers will help customers diagnose problems in their brazing application and come up with solutions. Written reports will be provided.

Hua Guang Sales Professionals

Evolving Service

in a Changing World

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We are always upgrading your experience.

Hua Guang solves the customers' brazing problems by designing optimised brazing processes. We also have resources to test the properties of weldments and study the feasability of new brazing solutions.

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