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Green Connection & Intelligent Manufacture Forum is a multi-disciplinary annual summit which focuses on welding and other technical trends in the field of intelligent manufacture. The forum is hosted by Hua Guang Advanced Welding Materials Co., Ltd alongside with other major institutes of the welding industry, such us the Chinese Welding Society. This event has been hosted every year in Hangzhou, China since 2016.

Previously, no such international summit is available in China's welding industry. Seeing the opportunity, Hua Guang, as an industry leader has decided to create this platform which connects Chinese welding professionals to the outside world.

Guests of this conference include professionals of both the academic and commercial fields. It serves as a bridge to facilitate communication between the two groups.


The summit has a unique theme each year. In 2018, the main topics of the summit are production automation and the role of data science and artificial intelligence in materials R&D. While in the year before, the forum focused on the development of environmental friendly materials and green manufacture processes.

Gateway to China's Welding Industry


Jin, Limei

President & CEO

Hua Guang Advanced Welding Materials Co., Ltd

Feng, Xuan

Vice President

China Association for International Science & Technology Cooperation

Xiong, Huaping

Professor, Director

International Institute of Welding, Chinese Welding Society

He, Peng

Professor, Vice Dean

Harbin Institute of Technology, Chinese Welding Society

Feng, Yixiong

Professor, Scientist

Zhejiang University School of Mechanical Engineering

Volodymy, Korzhyk

Professor, Department Head

E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Huang, Shisheng

Researcher, Director

HG Materials R&D Centre

Tan, Jianrong

Professor, Academician, Director

Zhejiang University, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

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