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Copper Phosphorus Brazing Alloy

Filler metals in the BCuP classification are very fluid at brazing temperatures and penetrate joints with tight and wide clearances for various brazing processes, such as resistance brazing, flame brazing and induction brazing. Copper and phosphorus are the two major elements in the copper-phosphorus brazing alloys, phosphorus inclusion gives the filler metal a self-fluxing property on copper. These alloys are used primarily for joining copper and copper alloys and should not be used on ferrous or nickel-based alloys or alloys containing a nickel content in excess of 10%, as brittle intermetallic compounds are formed at the filler metal-base metal interface.

AWS BCuP-2 brazing alloy is a popular and economical product that is widely applied in air-conditioning and refrigeration industries. It is available in many forms, and flat rod is the most commonly used.

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Hua Guang Copper Phosphorus Brazing Ring

Hua Guang Copper Phosphorus Brazing Ring


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