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2018 Forum on Green Connection & Intelligent Manufacturing

November 16th, 2018

Forum on Green Connection & Intelligent Manufacturing is a major annual conference of the welding industry in China. This forum is hosted by Hua Guang Advanced Welding Materials, along with some major associations of the industry and various departments of the local government in charge of commerce and technology. Those invited to the conference include both people from the academic and commercial fields, many of whom were coming from abroad. This was already the third time for Hua Guang to host this annual forum.

Welding - A Technology Applied Everywhere

To those not working in the welding industry, welding may sound a bit technical and foreign. However, this technology is applied in many different areas. Manufacture of small things like glasses to bigger things like household appliances, ship and rockets all require the technology of welding. A video clip shown during the conference had highlighted the importance of welding technology to our daily lives.

As the manufacturing needs of various industries evolve in this increasingly automated era, their requirements for welding technology also change. Therefore it is crucial for people working in the welding industry to stay ahead of the technical trend, and to invent new products which can be applied on automated production lines.

"The development of new welding technologies need the collaboration of many different people and institutions. New ideas need to be shared on a common platform, and we are creating this platform for people in the industry to communicate" said Limei Jin, the CEO and president of Hua Guang.

A Win-Win Platform

Last year, the focus of the conference was on the environmental impact of the welding industry. It was a call for people to minimize the negative and harmful impacts of welding through the development of new products and welding processes. This year, the conference was reaching out to a larger audience, namely all the players in the related industrial chains, which include downstream clients and researchers in the artificial intelligence fields.

"Welding is not an isolated, unitary technology. Its role should be like a different form of internet, which connects players across different disciplines," said Jin.


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