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Hua Guang Has Been Awarded the Zhejiang Made “品” Quality Certificate

Hua Guang’s silver brazing products for electric machinery applications have recently been awarded the “品” quality mark by a special alliance of 11 international certification institutions.

The “品” quality mark is the logo of the Zhejiang Made public brand. The character “品” (pronounced as pin) literally means “quality” in Chinese language. Zhejiang is a fast growing province and home to numerous internationally acclaimed manufacturers. To allow its truly outstanding manufacturers to be recognised on the world stage, only strictly selected manufacturers based in Zhejiang can be awarded the Zhejiang Made brand credential. “品” quality mark is a symbol for first class product quality, and eligible companies for this mark must have a high-end brand positioning in the international markets.

Certification Institution Alliance for Zhejiang Made Quality Mark Assesment
Certification Institution Alliance for Zhejiang Made "品" Quality Mark Assesment

Specifically, in order to be qualified to receive the “品” quality mark, companies need to meet two independent sets of requirements, known as the “A+B standards”.

The A standard includes general requirements for the applying company. It is an all-encompassing standard that covers the aspects of quality management, environmental management, employee health and safety, enterprise integrity and quality assurance. The requirements revolve around the 4 main points,

· Self-directed innovation

· Quality excellence

· Mutual development leadership in the related industrial chains

· Social responsibility

The B standard includes regulations tailored for the specific company and the company’s products. To summarise, the company and its products need to display the following key features,

· Delicate product design: strong R&D capacity and ownership of key intellectual properties

· High-quality materials: strict requirements for source materials and materials used as parts and components

· Exquisite manufacture: advanced production process and incorporation of intelligent manufacture technologies to the production lines

· Outstanding services: above average requirements for quality guarantee and customer service compared to industry standard

Passing of these new quality standards reinforces Hua Guang’s high-end positioning in the international markets, and it expresses our continued dedication to provide the highest-standard products and services.

Hua Guang Brazing Foil

Hua Guang Silver Brazing Rod

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