Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Award 2020

Hua Guang Welding’s joint research project “Key Technologies and Applications of Dissimilar Materials Brazing and Diffusion Welding” has been awarded the Grand Prize of China Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Award 2020.

This prize has been awarded by China Machinery Industry Federation and Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. The award is designated for individuals and institutions which have made noteworthy contributions to the mechanical engineering field in the areas of fundamental theories, inventions and applications. It is the only mechanical engineering award approved by the state.

As the requirements for properties, efficiency, reliability and integration of structure and function continue to rise in the manufacture industries, single material structures can no longer be expected to fulfil all these requirements, and technologies of dissimilar materials joining have become increasingly vital. An industry-university research group consisted of Hua Guang Welding, Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology, et al. has dedicated their research effort to the field. Their research topics include the design and manufacture of brazing materials, surface modification of base metals, interface control, multi-field coupling brazing and diffusion welding, as well as the related quality evaluation methods.

The results of Hua Guang Welding’s joint research project have improved the cost efficiency and reliability of dissimilar materials brazing, while reducing the emission of these procedures. These contributions enable the brazing technology of dissimilar materials to be more widely applied in the aerospace, oil drilling, electric machinery, mining machinery, HVAC and carbide tools industries.

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