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HG Has Won "Single Champion": A National Business Honour

Hua Guang (HG) is elected Single Champion by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), joining a highly-selected group of manufacturing enterprises in China as recipients of this honorary status. Since 2016, only 257 companies across the country has been elected “Outstanding Single Champion”, a recognition for innovation and dedication to their respected industries.

What is Single Champion?

The official definition of Single Champion is as follows: “a manufacturing company that has dedicated to their respected market for a long time, which has a leading international position in terms of production technology and manufacturing process, as well as a leading market position in the world for a specific product category.”

The approval process of Single Champion election is lengthy and extremely competitive. Besides having strict requirements for technology and R&D capacity, there are also additional requirements for management, profitability and business strategies.

Innovations at HG

For 24 years, HG strives to deliver total welding solutions which thrive in the age of automated and intelligent manufacturing. It has focused its research on the development of new brazing materials and applications which eliminate the harmful side effects of traditional brazing methods. In 2016, HG’s joint research with the State Key Laboratory and Harbin Institute of Technology on new brazing methods won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, China’s most prestigious recognition for achievements in science and technology.

The brazing materials research at HG tackles a crucial technical bottleneck in the manufacturing industry. The advancement of high-end brazing technology is directly associated with the development of various engineering fields such as mechanical, automobile, energy and aerospace. The lack of advanced brazing methods will limit technical improvement in all the said industries, so brazing is an area of special research focus in many countries.

Plans for Future R&D

Moving ahead, HG is actively developing rapid forming welding materials, interface technology-based welding materials and composite welding materials, which will play an important part in customers’ automated production. The demand for efficient production methods and automated joining process is the guide to HG’s future research.


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